To be artistically creative is a gift - to convert that gift to an art form is a creation.

My interest in photography started as a hobby at school and eventually led me to building my own darkroom at home with a strong focus on black and white photography. I started photographing children and then enjoyed creative wedding shoots for a few years before embarking on my real passion of fine art photography, driven by a life long love of nature and natural elements, colour and light.

Written by Peter Doble:

To be artistically creative is a gift - to convert that gift to an art form is a creation. Cathy Prettejohn's work stands out from the crowd. Her photography is innovative and exceptional but her interpretation is intuitive.

"I love the use of negative space for the art shots. Stark environments like Namibia's Etosha game reserve or the dhow fisherman of the expansive Mozambique coast embody my art form" she explains. Recognized for her Nguni cattle shots - often with the subject relegated to one corner of the frame. Cathy's style and composition marks her as a step removed from the conventional wildlife photographer.

"I don't always follow in the acknowledged laws of composition." Cathy shoots primarily in black and white and in subdued tones with an offbeat reportage style. She views her world through the lens and aims to capture life in the raw.

She acknowledges her personality is a contradiction in terms - she is a perfectionist who seeks the imperfect. This makes her portfolio an exciting revelation. It is a trait, which keeps her ahead of the herd.

Cathy needs reality. She does not record events; she attempts to capture their soul. Photography for her is a visual story. Whatever she is shooting she prefers taking the obtuse angle. "Simplicity is the essence!"

About the images

My images are part of Limited Editions series. They are printed on textured quality art paper or canvas. I do my own printing on a large format Epson Stylus Pro 9890 printer using K3 inks. My standard printed image size is 66cm × 100cm and can be packaged in a cardboard tube or framed on reguest. Images can be printed to different sizes on request and will be quoted accordingly.

All prints are numbered and signed.